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At Change we align our service offering with the RICS Project Manager Services (click for PDF).  


You have the option to use the RICS services scope to inform your requirements, or we welcome the opportunity to discuss the detail of your project and we are happy to make a recommendation as to the best scope of service to meet your project management needs. 

A project manager plays a lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects. They are the main point of contact and co-ordination for the duration of their appointment.  They manage the realisation of the project brief, the project team and any required resources.  


Project Managers work with Cost Managers to report on the project budget, and their planning, strategic vision, communication and leadership skills are predominantly influential in the success or failure of the project.  


At Change we pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills and team building successes.  We believe that positive respectful relationships are the key to an enjoyable journey and successful outcome.

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A Quantity Surveyor, Cost Manager or Cost Consultant  estimates and control costs for construction projects.  At Change we have several decades of experience working in our chosen sectors and can offer a well-rounded informed cost management service.  


As an SME we are also able to be more flexible in our resource allocation and work with you and your project programme constraints.

We manage all costs relating to a building project, from the initial estimates to the final figures. We seek to minimise the costs of a project and enhance value for money, whilst still achieving the required standards and quality and adding value. We use the RICS Quantity Surveyor Services scope (click for PDF).  


Please feel free to review this scope and send us your checklist of service requirements for consideration.  

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Administration & Employers Agent Services

A contract administrator manages contracts made between building contractors, employers, and clients. Their responsibility is to administer construction contracts, whereby they may act as project managers, engineers, consultants and client representatives.Helix Law


At Change we use the RICS Contract Administration services scope to inform our service offering.


Please feel free to review the document (click for PDF) and inform us of your requirements.  


We will be happy to understand your requirements and assist where we can.

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Advising the client on the payment of VAT.


Assisting in the appointment of specialists where required.

Professional Team

Assisting the client in the appointment of the rest of the professional team or consultants required to deliver your project.